Counselling for Adults (16 and over)    
We all need support at times in our life
I offer face-to-face counselling and psychotherapy to individuals – adults, children and adolescents.
I am based in central Rye, East Sussex
I have experience working with a broad range of issues and am happy to work with you short or long-term to suit your individual needs.
What happens?        
Whether your initial contact with me is by phone or email, I ask that we have an initial face-to-face meeting which will be an opportunity for you to talk in confidence about why you are considering counselling. This meeting allows us to see if we think we are suitable to work together. This initial meeting lasts 1 hour.
If we agree to proceed with counselling sessions we then discuss dates and times. Sessions are 1 hour.
You may wonder how long you’ll have sessions for. This is hard to say. It depends on what you bring to counselling and how sessions progress. We will have informal reviews as we work together to see where we are, if your needs are being met and where we are going.
When ending therapy, I like to mutually agree an ending date and hold a closing session so, together, we can acknowledge our ending and close our therapeutic work.

Counselling for Children & Young People
I have years of experience working with children of all ages (5-16).
I recognise the importance of young people having a confidential space to share difficult thoughts, feelings, experiences and behaviour that is maybe causing them, or those around them, concern.
Whenever possible and appropriate, I seek permission from the parent/carer to work therapeutically with the young person. I recognise that family can provide support and am happy to invite a parent/carer into a session if this is what the young person wants and if I consider it will be beneficial to their therapeutic process.
Sessions are confidential and I will uphold this confidentiality unless the young person, or someone they are talking about, is at risk of serious harm. In such cases I will contact an appropriate third party in order to safeguard the young person. The safety of any young person is paramount and overrides keeping confidentiality.
I have an Enhanced Certificate from the Disclosing and Barring service.
Young People’s troubles don’t stop for school holidays!

I have counselled a lot of children and young people in schools. However due to an increasingly busy schedule, currently I am not able to travel to schools to counsel young people in school during their school day. I see young people at my private practice premises and work flexibly so they receive a continuous package of therapy that is right for them.

Being seen in my private practice suits those young people who don't want to miss lessons, those who feel uncomfortable leaving and returning to their classroom and being asked by other children where they've been. Therapy is not dependant upon when school gates are open - we can continue during school holidays. Being seen in my private practice also suits the parent/carer who may wish for their child to be counselled outside the educational system.

I share here my observations about school-based counselling - they may be useful to you in your decision making process :

Counselling in these settings has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

I became increasingly uncomfortable about fitting therapy around Easter & Christmas holidays and particularly the long summer break.  I consider it brings a 'stop/start' feel to therapy that is not, I believe, in the young person's best interests. Continuity and regularity in counselling are needed.

School-based counselling can work well when the therapy is short-term (6-12 sessions) and is started at the beginning of a term. A half-term holiday can provide a timely break giving an opportunity to review progress, see how the young person is coping and decide what still needs looking at.

School-based counselling also works well for those young people who have no problems answering inquisitive peers' questions when they leave and return to class. And of course there is no extra travel involved to access the therapy. 

Most schools either have an in-school counsellor or access to a service whereby a therapist comes into school.


I know how important safe ethical therapy is. I offer 1:1 and group clinical supervision to individuals and organisations.

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